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H&H Public Stop the Bleed Box

H&H Public Stop the Bleed Box


Being ready to respond to a major emergency means having the right gear where you need it. The H&H Public Stop The Bleed Box puts everything you need for up to 10 injuries to keep them alive during a mass casualty event. The H&H Public Stop The Bleed Box was designed to provide bystanders and initial first responders in public buildings and populated public areas with quick, easy access to essential medical equipment for stopping life-threatening bleeding.

The Box is a weather-resistant, sealed high impact box with easy-opening latches. The box comes with or without alarms to notify when the box has been opened.The rugged wall mounted clear storage case provides high visibility access as well as physical and environmental protection of medical supplies

Inside, first responders will find an easy-open nylon carrying case with ten (10) Grab & Go Bleeding Control Kits.  Each Grab & Go Bleeding Control Kit contains intuitive and easy-to-use tools proven to help to save lives such as the most effective, easiest to use, fastest to apply SWAT-T Tourniquet. 

Grab & Go Bleeding Control Kit Contents:

-One SWAT-T compression wrap tourniquet to be used as a tourniquet, compression wrap, or other uses.

-One H&H Thin-H compression bandage for large wounds to control severe bleeding.

-One H&H Compressed Gauze to pack a severe wound or to wrap around wounds.

-One H&H Emergency Hypothermia Blanket to wrap around a victim to keep them warm and to help manage shock.

-One Klever Kutter safety cutter to remove clothing, seat belts, or debris from a victim or their injury.

-One pair of nitrile gloves to protect you while you treat an injury.

An alarmed version of the kit is available upon special request. 

Kit Specifications:

-Contains 10 Stop the Bleed Kits in a nylon carry bag*

-Size: 15-47/64" x 11-51/64" x 6-9/32"

-Weight: 13 lbs

NOTE: This kit can be customized, including the number of bleeding control kits and their contents.  As these items are custom built, There is a 5-10 day lead time on this item.  There are several options to choose from on storage boxes, from simple metal AED style cabinets to high quality plastic ones as seen in the image above.  Alarmed boxes are available upon request.  Please contact us for details.