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The HALO Seal is an industry leading occlusive dressing for the management of penetrating chest trauma, and is Ideal for the treatment of open pneumothorax, the HALO Chest Seal also prevents the development of tension pneumothorax resulting from gunshots, stab wounds, or other chest injuries.  The seal is backed with a tenacious, thick gel adhesive that aderes to any surface, no matter how soiled (by blood, sweat, dirt, etc) and conforms to the casualty's body.


    • Resealable packaging in tactical coloration (brown).
    • Contains two seals - treat entrance and exit wounds.
    • Thick gel adhesive provides total occlusion -- even when blood, dirt, sand, hair, or heavy perspiration are present around the wound site.
    • Non-vented, oval design includes pull tabs for easy application and removal or venting of wound; reseals well after venting
    • Intuitive design works well in all environments, including low light settings.
    • Memory free material - can be roles or folded to fit storage needs.
    • Designed and tested to perform under extreme conditions; maintains adhesion from below 32°F to over 140°F
    • Adheres despite storage as defined in Military Standard 8.10G
    • Latex-free; minimum incidence of allergic reactions to adhesive
    • Durable, puncture-resistant packaging
    • 3-year shelf-life
    • Manufactured in the USA