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Archangel Dynamics Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Course (ADVANCED)

Archangel Dynamics Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Course (ADVANCED)

The Archangel Dynamics AZ CCW Course (Advanced) covers the following areas:

1. Eligibility for obtaining and maintaining a permit.
2. Basic firearms safety, firearms and ammunition education.
3. System Integration (Integrating a Firearm into your Every Day Carry system).
4. Developing a Defensive Mindset.

5. What to do Before, During and After a defensive incident.

6. Arizona Law / Regulations regarding the use of force and carry restrictions.

The Advanced CCW Course adds the following:

1. Active Shooter Awareness and Survival

2. NAEMT B-Con Course (Bleeding Control for the Injured)*, information of this course is available here.

3. Range Trip with Qualification.

This class should last around 8-9 hours.  Cost includes:
1. Classroom instruction.
2. Fingerprinting done on site, your first two cards included.
3. CCW Packet Completion (You will receive a packet, including two fingerprint cards and your CCW Application for DPS).  This course does not cover the State application fee, which is discussed in class.  

4. NAEMT B-Con Course Completion Certificate

5. Range Qualification

Classes are held on most Saturdays, and on occasion during week days.  If you have a group of 5 or more and would like a class on any other day of the week, email us at to arrange this.  Groups of 5 or more are offered special pricing.  Please contact us for details.

Please choose a date when checking out.  Classes are capped at 15 students each.  If your selected date is full, please select another date.

Location: A Mountain Church of God in Christ, in the dining hall adjacent to the Sanctuary.


* This course does not include a free EDC Trauma Kit.  Our full line of IFAKs are available for purchase on site.

No refunds.  All sales are final.  Please see our Terms & Conditions page.
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