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Archangel Dynamics TAC-FAK Pocket Trauma Kit

Archangel Dynamics TAC-FAK Pocket Trauma Kit

The Archangel Dynamics TAC-FAK Pocket Trauma Kit.

    This kit was designed to allow some basic, life saving First Aid tools to be carried in a small, light weight and affordable package.  The EDC Trauma Kit is easily integrated into your Every Day Carry (EDC) System.  You should carry some medical supplies with you every day.  Designed by a Paramedic, the EDC Trauma Kit is the solution to the need to carry a compact Trauma Kit on your person every day.  

    This is a truly multi-use kit.  The SWAT-T Tourniquet can be used as both a Tourniquet and a Pressure Bandage, based on the amount of pressure applied to the band.  It can also be used as an Ace Wrap style bandage to help stabilize fractures and dislocations.  The plastic packaging makes a great improvised occlusive dressing to treat a sucking chest wound.  And the compressed gauze can be used for Wound Packing, creating a pressure bandage, covering burns, or any other use for gauze.

    Why the SWAT-T? The SWAT-T is a simple, light weight, compact and cost effective life saving First Aid Tool.  As stated in the paragraph above, this tool has multiple uses, making it ideal for small kits such as this.  But is it effective? Yes! A 2014 study showed that out of 32,956 applications, there were ZERO First Time Use Failures, resulting in full occlusion of arterial blood flow in all cases studied.  A 2013 study revealed lower incidence of neurological or muscular insult, a direct result of the products deign using a wide pressure band, over twice the width of commonly available Windlass style Tourniquets. In addition to its exceptional track record in managing trauma in Adults, they are also ideal for use with small children who have less muscle mass in their extremities than adults.  The SWAT-T is also an excellent choice for managing hemorrhage in canine trauma due to the tapered structure of their limbs.  

This kit is perfect for:

1. Law Enforcement Officers.

2. School teachers, Pastors, or other people responsible for the safety and well being of others.

3. Hunters.

4. First Responders.

5. Anyone who wishes to be more prepared and carry some Trauma supplies on their person.

6. As a part of a comprehensive Public Access Hemorrhage Control Kit in your office, church or school! Please contact us for more information and pricing,

CONTENTS (You may choose between ORANGE and BLACK on components when checking out):


(1) Pair of Large Nitrile Gloves, Blaze Orange or Black.

Hemorrhage Control:

(1) SWAT-T Tourniquet, Orange or Black.

(1) H&H Flat Compressed Gauze, 4.1 Yards x 4.5".

Video review from Desert Guardian:

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