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Our Story

Archangel Dynamics, LLC, is a Combat Veteran and First Responder owned business in Tucson, Arizona, and was founded in April of 2016.  Our mission is as follows:
1.    Empower our First Responders in the Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS services, as well as other Healthcare professionals by providing them with up to date training on Tactical Medicine, Operator Survival and Situational Awareness oriented courses.
 2.    Increase resilience and self reliance of Law Abiding Citizens, by providing them with high end Firearms, Medical and Preparedness oriented training.
 3.    Produce a high-end, competitively priced line of Professional Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK's), designed for First Responders and Private Citizens alike.  We plan to expand our like to offer kits designed for larger groups of casualties, as well as specific kits for management if injured Military and Law Enforcement Working Dogs (K9 Officers).  It is our goal to begin outfitting our local First Responder Community, as well as Schools, Churches and other areas of interest with these kits, and provide training to their staff.  Our kits are designed by a Paramedic and follow all current Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines.

    Our Training Cadre is composed of instructors with diverse backgrounds, many have served in the Armed Forces, coming from several branches.  We employ several local Emergency Medical Services providers.  We also employ highly skilled Firearms Instructors from various walks of life.  All of our Firearms Instructors are NRA Certified, so that we can provide high quality, Safe and Consistent Firearms Education.  Our Medical Instructors are certified through AHA, NAEMT and other organizations.  We specialize in custom tailored training for small groups, such as Churches, Schools, Office Coworkers, Community Preparedness Organizations, etc.